As a professional wedding and events planner based in Italy and working with many international clients we have been keeping a close eye on the story of Covid19.

Heres the current situation as we see it.


In essence, what should you do about your wedding in light of Coronavirus concerns?

Now that the virus is spreading rapidly through Italy and not limited to, you will want to take precautions to ensure the safety of yourselves and your guests.

This might include making the hard decision to postpone your wedding.

I think the risk for late spring and summer weddings should still be currently manageable as hopefully we should be returning to normal by then.


What about Destination Wedding in Italy?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused families all over the world to cancel or postpone life’s biggest moments.

The travel industry is being majorly impacted, with many flights getting grounded and canceled. This could prevent your out-of-town guests from attending your celebration.

Keep an eye on official sources to stay informed.


What happens if I need to reschedule or postpone my wedding?

Most venues and vendors are being flexible with couples by allowing them to postpone or reschedule without penalty. Under the circumstances, they want to do right by their couples and their businesses.


Final Note

Move Forward

As soon as possible, move with positivity towards your new wedding plan.

Your Plan B, with the help of your wedding planner and your partner, no matter when or how it takes place, will still be an unforgettable day.


Is Wedding planning stressing you out?

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Waiting for good times coming  I leave you with a beautiful gallery of my spouses.